CAMBRIA QUARTZ, the Lamborghini of counter tops! With over 133 color selections available and with its durability, Cambria Quartz will stand the test of time and is well worth the investment.  Many ask what is the difference between quartz and granite?  Here is a guide to help you:

GRANITE                                                                       CAMBRIA QUARTZ

*40-60% pure quartz                                                   *93% pure quartz

*More susceptible to damage due to a more           *More durable and can thus be more creative with
porous weak minerals                                                   daring edge shapes with wider overhangs

*Because of its porous nature, granite can draw    *Cambria Quartz will not draw moisture from raw or
moisture from liquids and raw or leftover foods    leftover foods
causing it to stain

*Emits trace amounts radioactive elements            *Won’t give off emissions and no radon
called NORMs (Naturally Occurring Radioactive
Mineral) that can produce measurable amounts
of radiation and sometimes radon gas

*Needs periodic sealing, polishing &                          *Unlike granite & marble, Cambria Quartz requires
reconditioning                                                                  no periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning

cambria-seagrove   cambria-ella

With these differences, it is clear that Cambria Quartz is the best choice when replacing hard surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, bar or any counter top surface.  It is our designers’ number one choice and what we recommend to all of our customers.

Reflections of You by Amy is your go to company for Cambria Quartz.  We can help you select the perfect color and pattern for your home and handle everything in the process from measurements through installation.  Call Reflections of You by Amy to schedule an appointment for one of our qualified designers to assist you with a quote for Cambria Quartz today!  Call us at 502-384-3660 or go to our website at