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If you’ve ever taken a selfie, you know that the right filter can make anyone look amazing. The same goes for the lighting in your Louisville, KY area home.

Lighting is one of the hidden tricks of interior design, because it a way to completely transform a space. Custom lighting design can make or break a design by making a house into a home and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Without good Illumination, other features of your home like the flooring, wall coverings, furniture, and accents lose their impact. If you’re looking for a more open concept, romantic, ambience, or highlighting your home’s best features, it is all about the lighting.

The Problem with Standard Lighting

Most homes come with a small light fixture in the ceiling.  

That’s it.

Basic ceiling fixtures are often not enough on their own. If you’re still living with a basic dome ceiling fixture, swap it out for custom fixture that is much larger, brighter and establishes a mood in the room.

Standard dome lighting in the ceiling may keep you from walking around in the dark, but they should never be the sole source of light in any room.

Using Light Zones

Lighting is one of the best ways to define zones in a space, especially if you’re working with an open-concept design.

A pendent light fixture, or chandelier over the table defines that space as an eating area. Other zones are less obvious, like fixtures placed on a sofa table that give a visual break to the space.  

Humans are always drawn to the brightest point, so this allows you to direct traffic in your home, and make small spaces appear larger. This is a great way to break up dining room and kitchen lighting.

Zones make it clear where one space ends and another begins.

Creating Light Levels

Rooms are three-dimensional, and our lighting should be too. In addition to the overhead fixture at ceiling level, I like to add lighting at the mid-level and low level as often as possible.

This may include pendent fixtures or tall standing lamps for mid-level lighting as well as table-top lamps or under-cabinet lights for the lower level.

These different levels of illumination allow you to create different moods in the room, depending on what level of brightness you use.  This is especially helpful when designing basement lighting, which is often difficult because of the lack of natural sunlight.

Levels give you more control and more options to create a bright space for a game room, or a low-lit theater or man cave atmosphere.

Task Lighting

In addition to style and ambience, lighting should be functional. Always consider task lighting in areas like a desk or reading nook where additional soft lighting is necessary.

Using additional kitchen lighting is always helpful, especially in busy areas like countertops and sinks. I love to have pendent fixtures, under cabinet lighting, and plenty of ceiling fixtures in the kitchen to make sure it is both functional and beautiful.

Lighting is often more than simply plugging in a lamp. If you’re looking to add light fixtures into your home, update the fixtures you have, or add additional light fixtures into the ceiling or walls, it is well worth your time to call a Louisville lighting professional.

Anytime you are dealing with electrical materials and cutting into walls, you want to be sure you’re being safe and getting the job done right. We can help decide how to brighten up your Louisville home and bring more function to your room with beautiful lighting that will illuminate your space in a way you never imagined. 

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