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Enhancing Your Home With Window Treatments

Humans were not meant to live in a fishbowl.

We all love the magic of windows and the luxury of natural light, but we also want those windows covered up and that light filtered out.

Choosing window treatments can be a nightmare, especially if you have vast areas of large window frames or odd shaped windows. Blinds can be overdone, curtains might look dated, so how do you find what works?

That’s where I come in.

There’s a window treatment (or two or three) that work beautifully in any space. It is all about light, function, color, and style.

Choosing Window Treatments

The first consideration is whether you want natural light, total darkness, or something in between.

I like to have blackout curtains in the bedrooms because I need to block out that early morning summer sun.

In the kitchen, I like to keep things light and airy, with plenty of sunshine and natural light coming in throughout the day. In that case, I use a sheer curtain that adds a nice element of soft texture but is more decorative.

In an office space, blinds might work best because you can have the option to enjoy the light, but block it out when the sun comes glaring through mid-day. Lighting control will narrow your window treatment options to only those that will work best in the space.

Second is all about function. Do you really want long flowing curtains in a child’s room where they might try to climb them or pull them down?

Do you want to move the blinds every time you open a sliding door or would you prefer shutters? How often do you intend to open your windows?

You don’t want a window treatment to impede your everyday life, so they should be safe and functional in the space.

Once you have a variety of options that are both functional and controlling the light, then it’s all about color and style.

Consider the mood of the room. A grand hall calls for velvet or heavy silk, rayon blends or nice cottons are more casual.

You can also get a light linen or wool blends that bring a variety of texture to the space. If you don’t have a lot of color in the room, curtains are a great way to bring in a pop of color. If you want something that doesn’t draw attention, a classic wood blind or simple shades work perfectly.  

Measuring for Window Treatments

Blinds, shutters, and shades are often custom made to fit the exact dimensions of the windows. It is recommended to have a professional measure each window for you to ensure you aren’t wasting your money on blinds that don’t fit.

Curtains should almost always be floor-length. Unless you have a very deep window sills, curtains always look better when they go to the floor, even on a small window. The fabric should brush the floor, but not lay down in a puddle.

To have the right amount of drapery, the curtains should be at least twice as wide as the window, then you have nice, full, pleated panels.

Window treatments can completely transform the style of your Louisville home. They can update a worn-out room, breath new life into a dingy space, and bring a fresh to any space.

If you’d like a little updating but aren’t ready for a complete renovation, consider starting with the window treatments. Give us a call and we can help you find the perfect updates for every room including custom options and professional installation in the Louisville, KY area.

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